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Sustainable Travel

People’s desire for new experiences and people’s love for exploring the unknown, has its impact on our planet.

While many local economies heavily rely on tourism, we of course also want to protect the world’s natural and cultural bounty. To contribute to a green planet and ensure a bright future for the next generations, we need to reduce the ecological footprint.

We make our client aware of the sustainable options and take the following actions ourselves:

    • Reduce CO2 emissions:
      • We work together with The South Pole Group that leads several climate action projects such as forest protection and access to clean water for better health.
      • We encourage our clients to compensate the CO2 emission of their flights by donating a small amount per person and support our partner in sustainability.
    • Support local tourism
      • We work with local partners to stimulate the local economy and entrepreneurship. We also provide sustainable and eco-friendly accommodations at all our destinations.
    • Promote efficient travel
      • We try to minimise the ecological footprint by offering the most efficient travel schedules, choosing direct flight options and offering alternative transportation.
    • Work digital
      • We work digital: no prints, online presentations and travel documents only.